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Support These Programs:

ONE TEAM™ Academic Performance Program

GCSGC has developed a highly specialized program to combine the best resources available to high school football programs in a unified effort to offer a faculty monitored, peer-to-peer tutoring program and advance the proven notion that a student-athlete who maintains academic eligibility during the playing season, also maintains his/her access to meaningful social, emotional, and physical development opportunities. Likewise, a student-athlete who loses their opportunities to participate in organized sports has also lost their connection to a primary social group that, in many cases may be the one activity that keep that student attending school.

Equipment Fitting

GCSGC collaborated with the nation's leading authority,

Mr. Dana Marquez, Equipment Manager at Auburn University, in the development of a a step-by-step eLearning process and in-person seminar training to teach coaches and athletic equipment personnel to properly fit protective equipment. GCSGC provides financial appropriations to ensure each AIA member school has access to professional training and certification to elevate the positive culture of impact sports.


Heat Exertional Illness Emergency Protocols

All evidence shows that if an athlete suffering from severe heat exertional illness symptoms can make it into an ice tub within ten minutes, they are going to survive the heat stroke. GCSGC is working with the AIA to develop thoughtful Heat Exertional Illness Emergency Protocols for adoption by every AIA member district and school and is providing financial appropriations for the delivery of ice tubs to ensure every school is equipped to respond to this 100% preventable and survivable condition.

Physical & Mental Well-being of Athletes

GCSGC is constantly advocating for enhanced emphasis on physical and mental well-being of student athletes, including areas of substance abuse, crisis and suicide intervention, and social media activities. Through its collaboration with National Quarterback Club Charities and Teen Lifeline, GCSGC produces public service announcements for distribution on social media platforms fostering peer-to-peer support enhancing resiliency and hope for teens in crisis.


Community Building

GCSGC believes the foundations of a strong and vibrant community and created when there is genuine participation arising from the communities towards their own development. When stadium lights illuminate on Friday night across Arizona, entire neighborhoods shut down and everyone convenes at the local high school football game. Players and coaches pour it all out on the field. Families, students and fans pack the stands to support and cheer on student-athletes they know and have relationships with. There’s a genuine love and desire to see the team and players do well. Win or lose, the sense of community pride is an undeniable summary of the lessons learned by and through high school athletics and the undisputed cornerstone of a successful community.

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